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    Key Facts

    When a child is abandoned, has lost one or both parents and his life changes beyond all measure, who can she/he turns to? Sponsoring a poor or orphaned child bestows the gift of a new life and brighter future for children who may be left helpless and alone.


    Where there is extreme poverty, there are always orphaned and abandoned children. Political conflict, ineffective governance, corruption, and poor access to health care creates an environment in which children suffer the most.

    Our aim is to provide sustainable, intensive support to the most marginalised and vulnerable children. It would be easy to reach out to thousands of children and give them a school uniform, a nutritious meal or a lift back home from school, but without addressing family social, medical and economic issues – these children will most likely be forced to drop out or simply starve to death.

    Orphan sponsorship is a vital lifeline for many vulnerable young children, who do not have the loving support of a family. There are children whose only shelter is a piece of plastic sheeting or a cardboard box, living day to day with the risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Every year sponsors receive a detailed report on the child’s education, their progress and a hand written letter from the child.

    Your support means that we can ensure that they receive an education, food, healthcare, medical support and the care that any child needs. Give a vulnerable orphan the chance to break out of poverty today.

    Your sponsorship is a mercy to a child, helping them to break that cycle, and give them the opportunity that all children deserve – a chance to be healthy, protected, and educated. Importantly, sponsorship also makes sure they get to go on learning unlike some of their peers who must leave school to go work to support themselves and their families.

    Your Sponsorship Provides...

    • Christian Education.
    • Feeding Program.
    • Medical Care.

    The DAMABIAH Foundation brings hope to Haiti through our 8 schools. Sponsored children receive a good education from Christian teachers, plus uniforms, books and supplies.

    We are working to improve the lives of poor, abandoned and orphaned children in Haiti by protecting them from illness; providing them with educational opportunities; and giving them access to proper nutrition, water, and sanitation services. Donors can show these boys and girls the power of love in these ways:


    Orphan Family Sponsorship

    Orphan Family Sponsorship means you help uplift an orphan and his or her family into self-reliance by giving them the tools they need to thrive. What’s more: The family gets the support they need all while building a sustainable living so they can break the chains of poverty that bind them. We believe that each family knows best what they require, and we aim to help meet their most basic needs so they can live more of a dignified life–and for $150/month ($1,800/year), you can make that happen.

    Once you sign up, you will be assigned to an orphan family with a minimum of four children. Then, your monthly donation is allocated directly to the head of the orphan or vulnerable family, whether mother, grandparent, or other care-giver.

    Orphan Higher Education/Medical Support

    Higher Educational Support.

    Every child has the right to education. Thankfully, through DAMABIAH Foundation’s Orphan Sponsorship program, all sponsored orphans are provided access to education. However, for those select students that excel in school, they’re unable to tap into their potential due to limited higher education opportunities.

    Want to support but not ready to commit to a monthly donation? You can contribute by giving individual donations to this scholarship fund as well! Connect with our poor child and Orphan Care Team at orphansupport@damabiahfoundation.org to learn more.

    Medical Support

    In Haiti, healthcare is not made accessible to everyone. For children living in poverty, this could mean the difference between life and death. For $50/month, you can help provide medical care for an orphan family, which includes their siblings or guardian. This monthly donation ensures that funds are always available when urgent and necessary medical care is required, including costs for prescriptions; travel to and from medical canters; and medical equipment such as eyewear, hearing aids, and wheelchairs. These funds also help orphans affected by chronic and long-term illnesses like asthma and diabetes.

    Start your monthly medical support here.

    The DAMABIAH Foundation is feeding over 1,200 children a day through our feeding program. For most of these children, this is the only food they will eat all day.

    The DAMABIAH Foundation provides regular medical check-ups and basic healthcare for sponsored children and for poor children.


    Sponsor a child and share letters, drawings and photos to build your personal one-to- one connection from Haiti. You’ll hear first-hand from your sponsored child how your support is making a difference in their life. 


    When you sponsor a child, you’ll receive inspiring updates about them, their community and country, and the achievements your support helps make possible for children’s rights and equality for girls. 


    As a child sponsor, you partner with entire communities to lead sustainable, community-wide change, like improving schools or boosting family income sources. Sponsor a child, and your donations support that child and the whole community around them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Child Sponsorship provides you with a special opportunity to have a unique one-to- one connection with a child and their family in Haiti.
    • As part of your sponsorship, you can exchange letters and photos, and build a meaningful connection. Each year, you’ll receive updates on the progress of your sponsored child and their community so you can see how your sponsored child is growing and learning.
    • Child Sponsorship programming allows us to combine sponsor contributions to increase impact and establish a trusted presence within communities. This helps secure further grant funding from institutional and government donors to grow community-based development projects, like building schools or water taps, which supports sponsored children and their entire communities.
    • No. When you sponsor a child, your contributions not only support the child you are sponsoring, but they also support the whole community! Your contributions collectively support a wide range of programs in your sponsored child’s community. The programs are chosen in collaboration with the community.
    • With more than 18 years of experience, we know that the best way to help every child unleash their potential is to engage families and entire communities in the change, so they can carry on – and further – the positive impact for many years to come.
      Your gifts will go far: In 2022, 82% of every dollar raised by the DAMABIAH Foundation went to programs supporting children and families in some of the most remote communities in Haiti. That means that 82 cents of every dollar directly reach programs that work to improve children’s communities and lives. We continue to maintain these strong efficiencies, ensuring we can help as many children in need as possible. Trust and transparency are important to us,
    • It’s natural to want to send something extra to your sponsored child
    • How do I change my personal information?
    • How do I change my payment option?
    • If I sponsor a child, how long of a commitment do I need to make?
    • The length of your commitment is up to you. Many sponsors have been with us for many years, which allows us to make long-term commitments to our partner communities. If you choose to end your sponsorship for any reason, please inform us so we can introduce your
      At the age of 18, all sponsored children officially “graduate” from the program, although they continue to benefit from our involvement in their community. If a sponsored child’s family moves out of the area where the DAMABIAH Foundation works, or if the community decides that it has become self-sufficient and is no longer in need of our assistance, the sponsorship will come to an end. When that happens, you’ll be notified and receive a profile and a photograph of a new sponsor child. If you don’t want to make the transition to a new child or want to shift to another way of contributing to the DAMABIAH Foundation’s work, contact us to let us know your wishes.

    Our Donor Care team is happy to answer any questions you have about our work. You can email us at


    Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Shelter to Children and Families in
    Need in Haiti.

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    Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Sheller to Children and Families in Need in Haiti.

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