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Focus On Education 

Access to education is a basic human right. Unfortunately, for millions of children in Haiti, this isn’t the case. Almost all the children in Haiti leave primary school unable to read. For poor children specifically, only half of them attend any primary school at all, and less than a quarter attended secondary school.

While there are a multitude of contributing reasons, poverty remains the biggest barrier. Political instability, gangs’ violence, and even areas susceptible to natural disasters all have a major impact on a child’s access to education.

And without quality education, children in Haiti are less likely to have the resources to Across Haiti, many children do not complete even primary school education. School is not free in Haiti, and with families’ income averaging $2 a day, it is not possible for most families to send their children to school without the generous support of donors like you. Your gift will help children gain access to the education needed to achieve social and economic success – the chance to get a decent job, to escape poverty, and to be productive members of their communities. 

The DAMABIAH Foundation strives to make education a top priority, and the sponsorships provide an opportunity for many young people to continue to advance their goals for a better life ~ and have the tools they need to bring positive change to their country. Your gift of $350/year will help us bring education and the opportunity for a brighter future to vulnerable children in Haiti.

A Few Of Our Interventions Include:

  • Enrolling 1768+ out-of-schools children in school and community education canters and raising awareness on the importance of education in Haiti.
  • Increasing formal and non-formal education through extra-curricular activities as well as raising awareness on children’s rights in Haiti.
  • Thanks to you, we’ve been able to accomplish so much. But there’s still so much more to do. By continuing to support our efforts towards education programs, you can help make a difference in the lives of those in desperate need.

What We're Doing

Since 2000, our Education for Everyone Program has changed the lives of thousands of children in Haiti. Our comprehensive education program includes:

  • Provide important educational materials and textbooks.
  • Train teachers and give them the professional support.
  • Building schools, renovating classrooms, libraries and important facilities.
  • Improving access to hygienic toilets and clean drinking water.
  • Tackling discrimination against girls and marginalised children.
  • Teaching communities to value education & creating a safe and engaging environment.
  • With access to a quality education, children become lifelong learners, transform their communities and experience life in all its fullness. We work with communities to address the barriers to a quality education for all children. Empowering parents and teachers with the tools and training they need gives children the opportunity to shine.
Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Shelter to Children and Families in
Need in Haiti.

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Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Sheller to Children and Families in Need in Haiti.

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