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More and more families flee home because of climate and violence. But there are fewer places to go. We’re leading the charge in strategy and welcome.

We believe every family has the right to live in safety and dignity. That is why we welcome internally displaced persons IDPs and disaster victims with open hearts and helping hands.


Living in poverty is already a daily struggle for survival. But when disaster strikes, that struggle becomes all but impossible. Floods, earthquakes conflicts or gangs ‘violence can destroy lives and any progress made can be gone in the blink of an eye. But with your support, the communities we work with will be better able to prepare for and survive disasters and recover more quickly.

Working with local people before a disaster hits helps to identify vulnerable groups, create thorough safety plans, strengthen existing infrastructure, establish early warning systems, and plan for that community’s specific needs. This is what saves lives.

Of course, we can’t always know when a crisis will occur and responding quickly and efficiently to a disaster is a critical part of saving lives. While each emergency response is tailored to the needs of each situation, we focus on ensuring that everyone has enough to eat, a roof over their head, clean water and access to appropriate healthcare.

But we don’t simply distribute goods or provide services. We work with local leaders, especially women’s organizations, to ensure everyone’s needs are taken care of. Because nobody knows a place and its people like a local does, and often they will be the first responders in a crisis. It is especially important to have women’s leadership, as they face an increased risk of violence.

When disasters strike, we immediately deploy to our affected areas working closely with community leaders to identify and prioritize. We are ensuring families have access to clean water, receive food and hygiene kits, and provide trauma counselling and awareness campaigns.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or a humanitarian one, we are on the ground to meet immediate needs. And when the time is right, we shift our focus to long-term recovery. When people are forced to flee from their homes, we work hard to make sure they have safe and dignified lives.

The road to recovery and safety may be a long one, but no one should walk it alone.

We also maintain a presence through the immediate response and recovery phases following an emergency. Our process begins, when possible, before the disaster hits by assisting with preparation activities.

The DAMABIAH Foundation and partners including local staff in Haiti are always ready to respond to urgent situations with speed and efficiency. We also maintain the highest standards of best practices, dignity, and cultural sensitivity, and we make sure that our response aligns with survivors’ needs immediately, for the longer-term, or both!

The Foundation has always worked collaboratively with our public health officials, community leaders, and other organizations in the community to secure the continuum of care and other services following disasters. For example, following Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and the August 2021 Earthquake, the DAMABIAH Foundation immediately coordinated with the local hospital the delivery of very much needed emergency services with medicine, medical supplies, medical personnel assistance, and diesel for the generator and, sometimes some support with construction,

At the DAMABIAH Foundation, we take the commitment and support of our donors to our work very seriously. It is through your generous support and donations that we are able to make a difference in the lives of so many children, women, families and communities.

You can join us in improving the health and well-being of women, children, and families through our many health care, education, agriculture, and community development programs with a one-time donation. Your donation can deliver tools and temporary shelters when survivors need them most.


Thank you!

Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Shelter to Children and Families in
Need in Haiti.

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Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Sheller to Children and Families in Need in Haiti.

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