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At the DAMABIAH Foundation, we constantly strive to create strong ties with the communities we serve. We are environmentally conscious and embrace an ideology of sustainability at all levels of our volunteer program.

We encourage responsible travel by connecting enthusiastic volunteers with welcoming locals who will welcome you with love and give you a deep and broad understanding of local social or environmental needs to which you can contribute.

Joining us means joining an organization of people who share the same principles and values of solidarity and humanity. But above all, it means being able to be useful locally by acting in a clear and reassuring framework.

We welcome individuals of all ages and nationalities without exception. We believe in creating a fun, challenging and memorable environment for volunteers and our projects in Haiti.

We have the utmost respect for those we help and avoid showing them through photographs or video recordings that depict poverty or suffering. Instead, we celebrate the small victories achieved through teamwork and compassion.

Whatever your desire to act, occasional or more regular, we offer you a tailor-made commitment because the most important thing for us is to find together the activity that suits you, then we can develop it.

Each volunteer benefits from support throughout their commitment to enable them to acquire skills, take on operational responsibilities, or even invest in the governance of the organization.

All these achievements of your voluntary experience can also be useful to you outside, on a personal or professional basis.

The volunteers of the DAMABIAH Foundation act to prevent and alleviate human suffering. Among the many missions offered by our organization, there is bound to be one for you. Join us and put your talents to work for a good cause.

With us you will learn, you will be trained and supported in your voluntary activities and your projects.

Medical Volunteer

Sign-up for our medical volunteering programs in Haiti if you are a medical or healthcare student who is aspiring for a medical career but needs real-time training and mentoring.

You don’t necessarily have to have a medical degree, as requirements are different for each program. There are even pre-med volunteer in Haiti programs specifically for school leavers who are considering studying medicine in the future. We also offer customised placements for those seeking medical electives or medical internships abroad.

English Teaching Volunteer In Haiti

Imparting knowledge and education to the underprivileged is the primary goal of our volunteer teaching programs.

Our teaching programs focus on English and can sometimes include basic computer skills and other subjects.

As part of our teaching programs, you will work in local primary schools, after-school centers or community centers to teach English to underprivileged children, which will eventually help them improve their self-confidence and willingness to pursue higher education, which will help them break out of the cycle of poverty.

Our Kindergarten Teaching Volunteer Program is very interactive and fun and involves engaging little children in activities that build their social and cognitive skills.

Your daily activities may include taking care of children, playing games, helping them with homework, teaching English, drawing pictures, teaching music and much more!

Teaching and childcare volunteering takes a maximum of 3-4 hours on weekdays, which means you have the rest of the evening and weekend to explore local places nearby.

Women’s Empowerment

Women around the world face tremendous hardships, especially in poor countries like Haiti due to many social and economic factors. Gender inequality and lack of access to a quality education is a huge impediment in their upliftment and growth.

The divide is evident right from classrooms, workplaces, and homes which clearly shows that women have fewer opportunities to shape their lives and gain personal and financial independence. Women in rural and semi-urban communities are the most impacted.


They are often forced into early marriages or discontinue education cutting off a lucrative channel of gainful employment. They also bear the brunt of domestic abuse and rearing children way too early in life. Our Women’s empowerment volunteer programs in Haiti are a proven way to enrich their lives and propel social change.

Our women’s empowerment volunteer programs aim to help women achieve a level of independence, opportunity to learn and live a dignified life equal to men in society. On the volunteer program we focus on skill building, women’s education,and income generation.

Through the skills they learn, women will develop confidence, a new identity, and ability to get jobs or earn higher income, and secure a better future for themselves.

Our women’s empowerment programs contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal that aims to reduce poverty and gender inequalities while increasing the quality of education and economic growth. You can join us in Haiti.

Special Needs And Mental Health Volunteer

Our special needs and mental health volunteers in Haiti assists people living with special needs, due to which stigmas in society are high and they struggle with tasks that ordinary people don’t even think twice about.

Even the most basic medical and educational needs are difficult to meet for these children and adults suffering from physical and mental disabilities. It is especially challenging in developing countries where resources are already scarce and if they are in low income families.

Disabled facilities in Haiti provide food, accommodation, and basic medical and educational facilities. The sad reality is that these facilities are grossly underfunded and the allocated funds and perks often never make it to the needy. Most importantly those with special needs miss the love and compassion they most crave above all else Special needs and mental health Volunteering is an emotional and life-altering experience. Mental and Physical disabilities in these individuals can range from mild to severe and a bit of extra attention and mentoring can make a significant difference to their education and lives.

As a volunteer, you’ll play an important role in providing individual assistance in learning tasks that would be otherwise inaccessible to these people. Volunteers work with the local staff to help care for the children and adults.

Your daily tasks may include playing with the kids, creating activities for them, and helping with other tasks like feeding and cleaning up. Volunteers may also help them during their rehabilitation and therapy exercises under supervision.

Types Of Volunteer Programs

  • Senior Volunteer

Volunteering programs are not just aimed at young men and women looking for a new experience before they embark on a career.

It’s a rewarding experience for senior people too who just want to take a break from their careers or contribute to something meaningful during their golden retirement years. We have a specially curated set of volunteer programs that are tailored for our mature volunteers over the age of 50. These include English teaching, medical and health volunteering, women’s empowerment and childcare. You’ll really be able to personalise your experience, creating the perfect over 50’s gap year experience for you.

Our senior volunteer programs factor in the needs and requirements of our mature volunteers in every way. You can opt for comfortable accommodation that do not require excessive physical exertion or extensive travel. Of course, you are always free to choose more challenging programs if you are alright with the extra effort.

Our goal is to create life-changing experiences while opening your mind and heart to see the beauty inherent in mingling with foreign cultures. Feel free to contact us if there is a specific program that suits you.

  • Gop Year in Haiti

Gap year volunteer abroad programs are gaining in popularity across the world. The simple reason being the wealth of knowledge and real-world experience it imbibes in its participants.

Gap Year volunteering in Haiti is a time to explore new places, make lasting relationships, and involve yourself in helping people or the environment, Gap year volunteering does not require any specific qualifications or experience. You can choose from a variety of programs that best suit you.

We recommend choosing a volunteer program in your gap year that relates in some way to your future career aspirations. This not only looks great on your CV for prospective future employers but will truly bring about the passion in you when you begin working on programs.

Most of our gap year programs involve helping women and children and predominantly require you to teach English or basic computer skills at our program locations in Haiti.

Career Break Volunteer

Working professionals often feel burnt out with the stress and responsibilities that come with juggling a family and career. A well-deserved break to recharge is often the elixir to a long and fulfilling life.

Career break volunteer travel has many benefits. It takes your mind off from mundane work tasks and refocused them towards achieving mental peace and relaxation. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, meet like-minded people, and explore the world at your own pace.

Our goal is to provide the most amazing, exciting and culturally immersive experience for professionals looking to take a break from work.

We work closely with local grassroots organizations to make a positive change towards communities’ development, environment projects or healthcare. Our career break volunteer programs not only make a real impact in Haiti but also helps you add new life skills like leadership and teamwork to your existing skill set.

Career break volunteering with us can last anywhere from as little as 1 week to 12 weeks. Get in touch with us for a more customized program that suits you.


Join our NGO, become a volunteer, and make a real difference! Together, we can create positive change in our community. Join us now and be a part of meaningful projects that impact lives.

Empower children through education and support.

Create safe spaces for kids' development.

Advocate for children's rights and well-being.



    Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Shelter to Children and Families in
    Need in Haiti.

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    Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Sheller to Children and Families in Need in Haiti.

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