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Our Motto Is :

  • Medicine and Bread for Sick and Hungry Bodies
  • Literacy for Hungry Souls
  • Love for Hungry Hearts
  • Christ for Hungry Souls

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Inspiring Children, Changing Lives.

Enriching lives, nurturing hearts – fostering a brighter tomorrow for children.

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Love, Learn, Thrive, Succeed, Soar.

In our nurturing space, children love, learn, thrive, succeed, and soar endlessly.

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Nurturing Childhood, Creating Futures.

Through compassion and guidance, we nurture childhood, creating bright and promising futures.

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The humanitarian situation in Haiti has worsened, leaving nearly 63% of the population living below the poverty line with limited access to basic services and millions of people facing acute hunger and socio-economic unrest, and general policies. Half of Haitian children depend on humanitarian aid to survive until the end of this year. With limited access to clean water, affordable food, and basic education and health services, children and their families are reaching breaking point.

Despite the insecurity and instability of the environment, the DAMABIAH Foundation remains committed to supporting the most vulnerable, especially children, during this crisis. We need your support to scale up the response to provide children with nutritious food, carry out early detection to prevent malnutrition and implement our comprehensive WASH, child protection and health education programs in areas affected by violence.

Humanitarian aid is currently the only buffer preventing Haiti from descending into chaos. As the violence escalates and spreads across the country, the health system is collapsing. Health facilities are closing due to attacks on staff by armed groups, compounded by fuel shortages that are disrupting health services and access. If we do not prevent the education system from collapsing, 4 million children will be on the streets and at increased risk of violence and kidnapping.


Empowering Lives, One Supportive Step at a Time.


Uniting Hearts, Empowering Hope through Prayers.


The Heartbeat of Change, Uniting for a Better World.


Empower Communities with Your Generous Donations.



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Haiti, although rich in natural beauty, the majority of the country’s population faces extreme poverty and starvation. After years of natural disasters and political unrest, generations of warm-hearted Haitians have been negatively affected and their livelihoods devastated. 78% of families live on less than $2 a day.

Haiti was once one of the most agriculturally productive countries in the world, but decades of deforestation and poverty have eroded and depleted the soil, severely impacting Haiti’s agricultural economy.

  • Index of realization of children's rights: 6.17/ 10

  • Population: 9.8 M. Population

  • 0-14 years: 34.6 %

  • Life expectancy: 63.1 years

  • Child mortality: 52 ‰



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Healthy Food

Nurture Young Lives, Feed Growing Souls: Embrace the Strength of Nutritious Delights.

Medical Treatment

Revitalizing Well-being, Rekindling Hope:
Saving Lives With Health Care.

Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Shelter to Children and Families in
Need in Haiti.

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Your donation Helps Provide Food, Education, Water, Healthcare and Sheller to Children and Families in Need in Haiti.

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